The Tombs of Jebel Hafeet | Best tourist Place in UAE | Amazing Place

The Tombs of Jebel Hafeet | Best tourist Place in UAE | Amazing Place

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Jebel Hafeet is a popular tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates called ‘Green City’. From the top of the Jabal Hafeet on the asylum of the tourists, there are few who visit the bottom of the city. Even though Jebel Hafeet has repeatedly visited this place, Jebel Hafeet is not only a tourist hub but a recent tourist destination. So when Afzal called me in the afternoon to say the afternoon, Afzal, Saw, and Ebin did not see me there again. But by the time it was time, the time had passed the halfway to the hill of Jebal Lahi.

After some more months, some of the reasons here go there and ignore us on Facebook. And then the next week we decided to go there too.

While planning to go for a few bachelors, let’s go for the next week, on the next day, 6 families including 9 children, and 7 bachelors in a train.

We arrived from Abu Dhabi at Muzaffah at 11 in the morning and arrived at 12.30 by Moideenica’s 23-year-old knights. While travelling through memories of old love, Moideeniko often confessed to having a “Moodyne of Kanchana”, a lot of doubt.

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

All of them went to Alain Oasis after Pierre and Food. During the interval, I got the chance to see the newly-built Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque with the help of Sajiyetan. But when I was in that midday at 50 degrees, I got to know the end of the skin of my forehead when the bones of my forehead went off.

It may take some time to take photos of the fading palm trees on alien oasis and take some time to eat it; Even though the sun’s sun is about four o’clock in the morning, the sun’s sun is not mentally and physically drained.

From there, Jebel Hafeeth travelled to Tombs with the help of Google Maps. Some time ago, it was a bit smaller than the Oman borders

The rain started to churn and the strongest dust followed. The fear that the weather would be adversely affected would be a fear that would come with the family that had come back with me. And then he decided to go forward. But when it went some way, the atmosphere was calm and the dust and the wind stroke.

Almost one kilometre before the Masjid bordering, Google showed us a small mini trail through two fences. We were waiting for some time because our wagons did not reach. In the meanwhile, last week, Sajiyetan called here and made sure that this was the way.

Three cars have come up and we started to follow Google Anti … We can not tell you the way the land is just like a wintry and sometimes the fringes of each train. That’s what our Google map says. As you go ahead, a number of stones on the road were going up … Our belief was that the wagons were driven out in any situation.

After a while, we went to the bottom of the Jebel Hafeeet. The way to the usual Jebel Hafeet is the opposite side of the hills. When we reached there, Google Maps dropped us up saying that you reached the destination … But it was showing that the way to get to the cart was ended and that the remaining distance was going on …

Each of the trains started looking for the Tombs in the photos. Harish Bhai, who was out of control after the kale’s injury, was unable to walk, and the boy’s daughter Kesna was handed over to me. So that’s exactly what I did, and Ksena walked in the direction of Google Maps. When I was about to go to the top of the mountain, I was interested in going to the top of the hill. But I went and came to the top of the tops.


These artefacts, dating back to about 5000 years old, were discovered by Dutch archaeologists in 1959. From this region, copper pottery and wazeles were found at that time. The entrance to all towers is found in the direction of the south-east direction. It seems that sunlight is clearly on the inside and such manifests have been employed in the construction of such architecture.

This area is a lonely place where you have a lonely place from other tourist destinations in the UAE. No more plastic bottles or covers are found in the area as most people do not. We spent some time talking to each other, photographing and climbing on the hills beside them.

It’s time for the sunset to get you back in time, and we’ll be back to Abu Dhabi by telling those who hope to end the rest of the day.

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