To The Holistic Soil | Best Tourist Place in India | Pondicherry-Mahabalipuram – Kanchipuram – Thanjavur | Amazing Place

To The Holistic Soil | Best Tourist Place in India | Pondicherry-Mahabalipuram – Kanchipuram – Thanjavur | Amazing Place

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An unforgettable journey (Pondicherry-Mahabalipuram – Kanchipuram – Thanjavur)

1122 Kilometers, 3 days

From my natural journeys, my view was changed by the legacy of Ahmedabad. The decision was made to see the places of such historical significance.

With my habit of telling my mother what it sounds like in my mind. She said, ‘We are coming’. All of a sudden my dream is to travel around with them to the world. And when they heard that they were anxious, they groaned in me.

UNESCO World Heritage List unread fully remembered reading the plans. 2 places in Tamilnadu – Mahabalipuram and the Chola temples in Thanjavur.

With the help of Google, a long list of discussions and travelling companions made a plan. The journey begins at Coimbatore. I’m there. The spotted driver is a driver and own car. When the plan was called, the spotted double okay. I met Cochin at Coimbatore.

Day 1.

At 7 o’clock from Coimbatore, we walked out. Pondicherry is the target. When we walked through the Salem-Ullarppattai highway, we found a rocky scene. We set up a wall to get a cloak.

When zooming in the cameras, we found the way there. When I told the cheek, the spot did not look. The vehicle was taken off the road. A 500 meter There is a temple with many steps.

‘That is what will come’. All rights reserved.

The stairs kept on the rope every morning. I think that is great. There is a temple in the rock-groves that is the Sivaggarh Kaviyaran Temple in the Theayagadurgam Malai.

It was cold on the mountain while it was turning around. The steps that rocks, kisses of different wild beasts, and the fowl of birds.

Fossil Wood Park of Thiruvakuram

After staying for half an hour, he moved towards the ‘Fossil Wood Park of Thiruvakuram’. Though fossils have been seen earlier, the fossils of the tree were a novice. But I think the descriptions of them were written down. The fossils that claim to be 20 million years old in the park under the supervision of the Geological Survey of India seemed to be fierce when they saw the Visitor’s book status.

From there, we headed towards ‘Auroville’ village. It is a township that embodies the ideas of Sri Aurobindo. This is not actually a tourist place. Those who want to stay there and want to know their ideas are the place to go. The main attraction is the ‘Matrimandir’ which is to be booked in advance to check the Meditation Globe. Since we did not know this at first, this visit was not an extra afternoon. And we did not lose much of our precious hours.

At six o’clock, we booked a booked hotel in Vijayendra, Pondicherry. A good hotel at reasonable price. Without thinking, Pondicherry seemed to have a sigh of insecurity. But on all the drives you have seen French reflections.

Rock Beach

In the night, we went to the rock beach. I came from a large country with sea farms. But Rock Beach was different. Very clean walkways. A great sigh of waves. As it may not be enough to look at it any longer.

By returning to Mahabalipuram tomorrow, she returned to her hotel. When you go back, I decided to do something in my mind – once more I will come, to get to know Pondicherry only.


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