Salalah desert | Best tourist place in Oman | Beautiful Place

Salalah desert | Best tourist place in Oman | Beautiful Place

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In the Pakistani bus, the price was scarcely, but when the travelling thing came to know that there was no good. The journey from Muscat to there is 960KM … The company I work in is the office and the project in Salalah where the engineer Mahishattan was given rent a car. It was a bus bounce in the past, but it was the time when the Benz company started … It was early in the morning because of the pain. Early 7 o’clock in the morning Salahala came and came out and came out and showed us the radius of 2BHK one cup of appeasement The bath and the jub are very quick I do not have time for 2 days to go away …

I missed a map… I went to the place of Mirabath, where there was a pathway to the Mirbath, a route to the sea and the green and the last camel and chick last night The bucket of food that was taken was purchased by the name of the tongue I’m not sure what to do …  Strawberries … water with good blue colour instead of soil It’s just a little bit of a little in the beach and stopped by some small boats and seeing some English cinema set to go and find some old fortresses and homes.

The gravity point is there, and the point is that if we put the car into the vehicle, we can get out of the place and move away from the place. AAVA is more of a cow than the canons is not known.

The next goal is to see a place called Samahan and then there is a climb in the hill and it is a world in front of the snow due to the snow. It’s a special rain that rains in the barber shop when it rains in the barber shop. The camel is also a very good thing that has been burned in the snow and the stone …. jebil Samahan there I’ve been looking for some of the things I’ve been looking for in my life, Buy tea and get good tea from the hotel The beaten beans are on the first day of the war.


Last year, when the ROP had a leafless white leaf, it was the mail target Ayn Khor. He has a kid who has electricity board here. He knows the nurse and the breasts.  This is the white spot in the middle of the day This is the best way to get to Yemen’s border with 45 minutes to get to the beach. The inland journey is great for cold snow and cold winds Ayn Khor is going to go with us … Go back to the direction of the road and go all the way up to the end of the 4th wheeler. And not the mud, the mud and the good cobbled stone … there is a whole fly It’s a 45-minute walk and a walk I’m not sure what to do but it’s all about me…

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