Perumazha Camp in Kakkadumchola | Kerala Tourist Place | Kerala Tourism

Perumazha Camp in Kakkadumchola | Kerala Tourist Place | Kerala Tourism

Departing from Pattikada at 8.30 am Pattikkadu-Mudikode-Thanikkuttom-Kundukadu-Wattakancherry-Pattambi-Perinthalmanna-Nilambur-Kakkadpole. This is the root. Google Map attempted to mislead, but at the right time, it stopped at all. Some came in the morning. About one hour all arrived. After lunch, they set out in two jeeps. Entry into the Kozhippara waterfall route. We are going up to it. After a half hour, a jeep stopped. Get down there and walk through the jungle path.

The vehicle for the luggage went ahead. We walked backwards. Walking in the jungle with the kiosks, the destination in the forest reached the environmental hub. Beautiful home decorated with pictures. After the walk, the camp members came to know each other. Then it will be a bath in the river. Down the house is low brown. Before leaving, the coordinator laid out the brief description of the place and the river. Everybody travelled to the river for swimming. He walked through the rocks for a little bit of adventure. Good evening chili and unniyappa ready when the sun came back in the evening at 7 o’clock. Chappi had to play small games with the tenant. The game has food.

Camp Fire

Camp Fire was set after the meal. It was not the nightmare of the anthem, the song and the story. The three friends who were very active and Srividya were surprised by their songs. At 12 am, Musafir forced everyone to go to sleep. At 6 am it was ordered to prepare for January. While sleeping, the Cukoo came with a bunch of candy. It is her birthday. After breaking the candy, she wished birth and lay down to bed.

From five in the morning, Alarm started to sound on everyone’s phone, but everyone was lying down in the cold. 5.30 Soon, our camp players came forward to write all of us. Everyone’s ready at 6 o’clock. Now the jungle is gone. A small walking walk to the 12 thousand forests in the neighbourhood. The river that has gone the previous day must be crossed into the jungle. The most adventurous and dangerous thing in the camp was the River Crossing.

But we have crossed it through teamwork. Walking through the stream-covered forest was beautiful. We have seen a wide variety of plants, flowers and small animals here.


When everyone cut off the lace of his feet, salt and dotole were handed over to Siddha and Kishore Saur as heroes of the journey. After passing through a jungle, passing a bath on the river and returning home, ideli, sambar and dhoti. After breakfast, trekking begins. To the climates of the climatic and charming cliff. About nine o’clock began trekking. Botanical teacher Kishore Sir came to know about many trees and plants.

Though the journey to the mountain was beside them, many would have adjusted. But when the elephant was afraid of a leash, he was crying all the way into the lace. Vashyambhangi in the climbing hills was beyond telling.

A private team tried to make a resort there. They have built the way to the jeeps for the jeeps. There was a small shelter on the big rocks. We’ve seen the ruins here. Musafir said that the forest department and the government intervened in illegal construction of forest land.

Taking the foggy and cool atmosphere, he took some selfie on the rocks and spent some time. Get out of here. We walked through the stream and walked through the stream. The jeep arrives at where the hill will land. From there, the house reached the jeep the day before. We arrived at that house at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. All the luggage were brought to the jeep. Get home and feed at home at 3 o’clock. At that time, we realized that we had a lot of trouble with a short day. It was obvious in all the eyes that I was travelling. When the bike starts and returns through that junction, the mind is looking for a comeback again.

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