All about tourist spot in Orissa(Odisha) | Best Tourist Place in India | Amazing Spot

All about tourist spot in Orissa(Odisha) | Best Tourist Place in India | Amazing Spot

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First of all, Orissa is not a place where you can not have a travel vacation, but it’s just a wonderful occasion for much centuries-old civilization and heritage tradition of Orissa.

A little history: Odisha is a state on the eastern coast of India. Previously the state was known as Orissa. Jharkhand, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are neighbouring states of Odisha. It is located on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. It was founded in 1936 by the British administration of Orissa. In 1948-49, the state expanded and expanded into 24 states. 15,57,071 sq.m Km. M Odisha is divided into 30 districts for administrative purpose.

Capital: Bhubaneshwar …

The Temple City

Orissa is known as “The Temple City” in at least every two kilometres we can visit at Orissa and at least a few hundred …

The Orissa sight is the best one from Bhubaneswar …

A day in the state of being called Twin City and its Twin City …


Bhubaneswar is a pre-paid city … Calcutta, the capital city of Calcutta, the capital city of Calcutta.

Mine Attractions: –

1) Link Raj Temple: –

The Shiva-dominated temple believed to be built in the 13th century. It is one of the most important historical buildings in Bhubaneswar.

2) Dauli Giri: The story of Ashoka Kataragama who passed the Kalinga war is not known to us all. According to legend, Emperor Ashoka came here in this place on the Dia river.

3) Ram Mandir: A very ancient and beautiful temple located in the heart of the city

4) Udayagiri & Khanda Giri Caves: –

There are half the natural and semi-manifested caves that are hidden in the ancient hill of the nearby two hills.

5) Nandan Canon Zoo

6) Museum of Tribal Arts & Artifacts: A special experience for those in the arcade

7) Odisha State Museum:

The history of Orissa is available here

8) Regional Museum of Natural History:

A heap of new knowledge

9) Mali Said: You’re a prostitute, there is no better place to see a single human life, we will not be able to see those little clothes without any sympathy …

Let’s stop here in Bhubaneswar … We do not forget to dive into the busy streets of the evening “market building”. In the park or in Biju Patnaik Park, lurking up to ten o’clock in the park, where do you forget about the premise that you love to be scared of even with a look?

At times, there are transgenders who are demanding 10 and 5 at Perk and give them anything if they can act decently …

Some people in the park seek customer

They are magical workers … they are also majestically trying to show decency with them ….. !!!