Jain Pilgrimage Center – Palitana (Gujarat) | Best Tourist place in India | Amazing Places

Jain Pilgrimage Center – Palitana (Gujarat) | Best Tourist place in India | Amazing Places

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Route – Jamnagar – Gondal – Babra – Palitana – Vallabhpur – Gondal – Sadodar – 541 km

Yes, this is a pilgrimage to the greatest pilgrimage centre of Jainism. It is believed that every Jain devotee must take a pilgrimage to this place.

Gujarat is the third state with the maximum number of Jain faiths.

We have three who are on this pilgrimage. Two are Gujaratis. So I have to do something special. Because they are like the hand of Gujarat hands. Every nook and nose are known …

I and Lakshman are going to bike from Jamnagar. Chetan Joshi will join us in Gondalam. Pulli is a Sanskrit teacher at a school. The Brahmin is a Brahmin and a scholar who works in Sanskrit.

Though they went out at 7 in the morning, it does not seem to be the way things are. Rain is the villain. When we start to drive, the rain begins. The rains from the crescent stand in the middle of the day. We’re playing the tears between us and the rains. We’ve covered all the tea on the way (to stand in the rain)


We arrived in Gondal for just 3 hours and reached 6 hours. Chetan Joshi joined us in Gondola. I know where I am going to Gondal. The journey is aimed at Bhavnagar. Palitana lies in Bhavnagar district. All planning is wrong. Now you have decided to go slow. Rain also has some relief. With the rainfall, the journey is not known. Very cool environment.

By the evening we arrived at Palaitha. It is a small town that has a very busy city. Every day there are posters of Janmashtami celebrations and busy people’s celebrations. When we arrived in Palitana, where there was no rain for us, it was our blessings that came with rain. Remembering the story of a saint who rained rain on the land of the rain The pilgrimage is on top of a mountain called ‘enemynajaya’. The time has passed. Now the climb is not going to happen. So let’s take a closer look. Stay tuned for the next morning.

The guest was shocked when he went to pick up a room. And another 3 people had a bathroom attached to them, with an extra bedroom of just 350 rupees … remembering that you still have guest rooms. There are dharalas which offer free food and shelter. But they are only given to the Jain community. I asked Lakshman how he can find out whether this is a Jain or not. If you want me to catch it. But how do they catch them?


The hunger has begun to come in the afternoon because it does not eat anything at all. I went to a nearby vegetarian hotel. It’s a clean vegetarian village. Jainism is the religious pilgrim centre. After eating the food from the hotel I saw the Bill again. 3 tandoori roti, Hyderabadi biriyani, yoghurt and vegetable curry, while the seat is filled in the AC room and the bill is only Rs 340 (a good standard hotel)

We had seen a festival without a much farther route. When he had finished eating, he decided to go there. Nagapanchami is a festival celebrated here. Like the festival in our country, there are vendors including paddler, toy merchant and ice cream. I like the maize and walked to the temple eating it too. There’s food for free now. Some hands up to Rs. Just go there …

Jain Temple

There is also a Jain Temple on the roads leading towards the festival. It is a temple complex of 101 small shrines. Every little small shrine has its own Jain idols. Its architectural style is a bit different. There is also a walled sculpture depicting the life of Lord Mahavira. The time has come because it is too late to go back.

In the morning, the climbing up the hill and the place where the ascent begins to go. At 9 o’clock in the morning, Janmashtami had begun in the nearby temple. The music of dance and devotion song was screwed in the ears. Now there is no energy left to go and see. Unaware of the music, they fell asleep and fell asleep.

Wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and ready to fly as soon as possible. Getting early in the morning is no good natural beauty and no worries about sunbathing. When looking to get rid of the teeth, the bag is replaced by the walnut for the painting. Luck did not rub the teeth with that. (Some jealous people say that I have rubbed teeth with it).


After bathing, I was ready to get ready to get off the hill. There are untouched temples in the vicinity … Hindu temples and Jain temples. It looks like Mahashatram or Mahabharata is the world that appears in the serial. The clean work of the road will surprise anyone. There are plenty of jail inscriptions on the way. People are waiting for the walkers to wait and walk.

The pali is a white-clad, a pilgrim centre of Jainism. There are over 900 temples on the top of the enemy’s hill. There are a total of 3000 temples (including Hindu temples) in the pillar. Paliattana is legally declared as the world’s first fresh vegetable in the world in 2014. In 1656, Shah Jahan was the son of Shah Jahan and Governor of Gujarat, Murad Baksh, who was given the Jain trader Shantidas Dwari from Palitana village. It was followed by huge Jain temples.

Mount Allanjaya

There is a huge Jain temple at the entrance. As you go to Tibet or China, no one looks at the architectural style of the temple. There are some rules for climbing the hill. Food should not go with food, and all of them (including the Pujas) should go back in the night. The Mount Allanjaya is a sacred land for the entire Jains.

There is a small Shiva shrine on top of the Hindus and there are Hindus in the pilgrims.

The Muslims also come here in large numbers. There is an interesting story behind it.

In the days of the Khalji period, the Sultans attacked the Palestine. It was Sufi, a resident of Babar, who rescued Palitana. He tells us that He sent fire from the sky so that Sultan army was defeated. His dargah is still in the temple premises and is located in the temple premises.

Sufi music

A small group of children go up into the speaker and laugh at Sufi music with a loud voice. They got together for a while. There are many temples on the way through the roadside. Nandhu kunda .. the headache begins with dehydration. There was no water anywhere in the steep climb. In the end, some time has to lie on the ground and change fatigue. When the water is over, the water is supplied.

The Jains are sacred by the way they are considered sacred. Hearing the good air and breathless music of the birds and the music of birds, it will fill their minds. When I got up I was a conqueror.

Jain scriptures

The main temple complex is named after the first Jain Tirthankar, Rishabhnath (Rishabha Deva, Adiswar). Generally, foreigners will be allowed up to the main temple complex. A photo is not allowed to take in. Anyway, I got inside. The calm atmosphere within the complex of the temple complex is. The temples that are 100 years big and small are around. Some are worshipping.

The camera will allow you to take the photo away. It is beautiful and distinctive. The smell of the smell of sand and spices which are not known by the atmosphere in the atmosphere. There is a slightly different aroma from Hindu temples. One type of mystic world. There is a shrine. If I go to temples in the temple, I do not get into the sanctum sanctorum. What should I disrupt if I’m not devoted to their pious dense atmosphere? But this time, I got in touch with Laxman. Many look for darshan by looking in with white patches. Many women have read the Jain scriptures. It’s been around for a while. Lakshman and Chetan Joshi performed the darshan in the nearby Shiva temple.

Dargah of Anbar Pir Baba

The Dargah of Anbar Pir Baba is on the way to the main temple. There are children who have little children to submit babies. Asthma patients are forced to submit their inhalers. There are so many visions in dargah too. On the days that the temple committee is allocated, there are food items. But we had no time to wait and we had no time left. It’s easy to shoot, but the scarf on the knee. It got worse when it came down. The day before, I went back to the hotel and drank again for lunch.

Nalanda University

The next journey is to Varyakh. Vallibi is now known as Vallabhpur. It is here that the University of Nalanda university is home to Nalanda University. The fourth Jana Conference was also here. If you search Google, you will get just two photos. It went with the desire to go to Vallabhyam to find the ruins of the university and all the world. My expectation is that of Chetan Joshi Sir’s experience of seeing some ruins here many years ago. The lizard does not know where exactly it is in this village. Seeking a while, but disappointed was the result. neither knows. Where did the university exist? Some said that there were some ruins during their childhood but that they had lost all the ground. Worry rash felt. How did they get courage? They have been destroyed by a great tradition of India. Only one historian can understand my subject.

Back when I returned, my eyes once again extended to the vast collections around. The university that was somewhere here was the university that created the best scholars of India …. civil service academy of ancient India … gone lost .. a disappointment caught me … I wished to have a time machine in my hand … then let me go to that time and see it …

Back to home

There was a little danger for the way to the way and some paint in the hand was shaken. Going to a hospital at a distance of 10 km away, I went to the hospital and took care of it. At about 12 o’clock in the night. Travel through the villages. The road around the name is biting dark clusters. Chetan Joshi goes to my house (sadodar). I’m only faced with the fact that they’re with me. Travel through the deserted areas. Occasionally, some villages will arrive. In some homes people are sleepy. By the way, it is going to be wrong and asking the way. This is about 40 km away. On the road, there is a small hedgehog crouching like a pacemaker-like a pony. When you go to catch them small, you’ll be able to work.

Sometimes the light of the bike turned off and wasted in those strange places. It’s a bad feeling. The feeling of fear can become a joy, enjoyable … time is up to 2 o’clock. Chetan Joshi finally reached Sir’s house. Here is the sleep of today. Tomorrow morning to go to Jamnagar.

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