The Island Of Boracay – Philippines | Best tourist place in Philippines | Beautiful Place

The Island Of Boracay – Philippines | Best tourist place in Philippines | Beautiful Place

There are some glamorous items that we see only in dreams. We will be sceptical of the fact that such stars are not really on this planet. The island of Boracay Island is a dreamlike dream come true and beautiful. The island of Boracay is located 315 km south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

The World’s Best Island, the Best White Beach, has been awarded a number of prizes since the island is just ten square kilometres.

In the evening of August, I and my family landed at Katiklan Airport, which joined the island. Only small planes can land here. Large aircraft with tourists from around the world come to Kalibo International Airport, which is around 70 km away. I have come to me with all the eagerness of the sky and the colours of the sunset created by the sunset. The colourful spectacle that he painted in the sky by his resonance, the sapphire and the blue sky can be distinguished in any language. Life is the most praised event!

The boat is dependent on the island. From the small size to the helicopter, you can reach the island from the size of the pocket. Our Kerala will be reminiscent of the island’s entirety of the island. The most striking beach is the White Beach, and it is the most expensive. From five big star hotels in the world, there are typically 3-star hotels.

It was still not sunshine. We moved from the hotel to the beach. Boracay wakes up in the evening dusk. The festive effect can be traced back later. Every face is changed by changing the burden of life and celebrating for a few days. Even a screw of depression is not visible on one’s face. It’s an incredible sweetness that can be heard all over the world, with the flamboyant music that comes up out of the way, the luxurious seafood, dances, bars, pubbies, nightclubs, romance lovers, thin cold winds and raging ocean. A magical magic universe that leads us to some unknown path of morality. The eternal moments we will forget ourselves. We watched the night lines on the island and we walked for hours.

Morning Scene

Boracay will take another look the next morning. Walking in the morning is a normal public life that is opening up to us. Green people and their lifestyle are very new. Smaller houses are inhabited by some island inhabitants. It is not allowed to build tallest buildings here. If you are lazy to walk, you can feel yourself if a motorcycle is rented around for one hour. The people of the Philippines are very friendly. Who knows how to help others and behave modestly. We will also reverse our many wrong prejudices.

Each passage has been reserved for the Boracay miracle. All kinds of water resources are available for people including scuba diving, helmets, snorkelling, windsurfing, kiteboarding and clip feeding. In addition to this, you can have different types of Day & Night Cruising, Island Hope, Glass Bottom Boat, Banana Boat, JetCase, Kayaking and Parasailing. Travelers can test and experience different land tours, honeymoon/kappa/wording packages, various types of spas, ecotours, bike/cycling tours, coral reef tours, and appealing. Diversities of the island’s food surprise us. We searched for an Indian rustle. The first of its kind in Kerala Fish Curry, Chapatti, Rory and Pappadam.

Helicopter Tour

One of the most auspicious entertainments we have is Helicopter Tour. It seems unlikely that a private helicopter tour will cost $ 150 a bit elsewhere in the world. Here is the aerial view of Boracay. Nature offers you a variety of colour variations of colour. There are so many different varieties that we can not trust our eyes.

We stayed on the island for just a few days. There is a beautiful picture in our minds with the sky and the sea that has a wide range of white colours and a wide range of colours that can never be erased, hidden or hidden. If there is a paradise on earth then we will doubt whether it is here.

This beautiful beach is what we enjoy in the budget. Every day there are flights from Manila to Kerala, especially from Cochin and Trivandrum. Come to Manila via Singapore or Malacca. If you fly an hour away from there, you can reach the Kathiklan airbase or the Kalibo Airport. Several budget airlines operate on these routes. Travelers can book tickets in an incredible way to book their advance bookings through Air Asia, Tiger Air and Sibu Pacific. The website is very useful for all your activities on the island. Best products are the nicknames.

Recently, the hurricane scattered across the Taliban area is a high-profile storm. A great deal to the great nation and a Boracay for your and your family. The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7107 islands. Manila and the nearby areas are mostly safe areas of travel. This Asian country, which is blind to the United States, will provide you with much different travel experiences.

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