Ethiopia’s seasons | Best tourist Place in Africa | Amazing place

Ethiopia’s seasons | Best tourist Place in Africa | Amazing place

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Each trip is about some rare moments that can not be replaced by life. Indeed, our vision and perspectives will be upgraded if creativity exists. Some travels can be copied to unprecedented images. The possibilities of opening the trips are endless. Remaining memories are indescribable. It is not surprising when travelling to Ethiopia, which is second to East Africa’s population and 10th in size, for shooting an ad film. It’s a beautiful dream trip that I can never forget in life. A group of six men travelled to the beautiful town of Omawally, just a kilometre from the capital city of Aditi. The driver was waiting for us to reach us at the Ball International Airport in Adidas Ababa, where the driver was waiting for the “mukkarnan” guide “moti”.

All of them loved the journey. So we were all on a 12-hour long journey. Good cold and little rain. Suddenly the townspeople turned away. Small cottages were covered with grass and bamboo and a beautiful green hillside scene. Very soon I got closer to the driver. A well-spoken English-speaking Karon was ecstasy about Ethiopia and his people.

Ethiopian song

Moti was frowning on the Ethiopian song. The roadside and coffee plantations, sandalwood and sandalwood stood firmly. Too little girls and boys could see a group of goats and cows.

Ethiopia has a lot of geography features. From the ocean floor to less than a hundred meters, the tallest mountains of Africa can be seen here. When I thought about Ethiopian Bir more than our value, I thought it was so starving and illiterate. Most people were travelling on the donkey.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. It produces the most coffee in Africa. Nile

About 85% of water in the river is surrounded by water and four sides go from here.

Buta Gira

When we arrived in Buta Gira, two hundred kilometres from Addis Ababa, we went down to drink tea. He drank the famous “Bunna” coffee in Ethiopia. Bannu is made of boiled coconut sheets. We travelled again to the end of all the travel tires that were still in a single coffee. Every hundred miles [100 km] away, and the rain shifted, the sun was cold, and warmth. That journey was a special experience in the warm climate of the atmosphere. About half an hour we reached the hotel room where we had booked them before… It was a middle-class hotel in ValeitoSoto.

We started our journey back in the early morning. On the way going, you will see the long line of children and women who have been drinking water. The kannas were filled with water and put on the donkeys. Even one child never saw the view to go to school.

Everyone laughs and laughs at the cart, their childhood, education and the hungry eating of the people that are often missing me are often pushing me into an unpleasant situation… My camera eyes kept these green men covered with darkness and light, the landscape that surrounds them. There were a lot of nostalgic mites in the middle of the road on the side of the road, and there were people in them. McKenna said that he was able to run the pesky birds, pigs and birds. From the age of up to the little kids, there were. One day a full day and night is a US dollar and their salary.

Village of Konso

But the colour of the people is like the colour festival in their lives… That was a surprise to me when I passed through the village of Konso. They are wearing traditional dresses that wear bangles. Not only that everyone was the same clothes. Color and design are all the same. The uniform seemed like a bunch of young men, young adults, and young adults.

Our journey has gone through the tamarind road and passed through the Chemman Road. The next two hundred kilometres travelled red powder, McKinnon recalled. It was really a lively landscape. Ethiopian spectacular views of greenery spread over hills, plantations, Chola fields, and muds, like mushrooms. On the way, a cartoon was lying dead. We got down there and took some pictures.


We had to reach ‘Omowalli’. It was a day late for me to start working, and I decided to go somewhere with Moti and the driver. The tribe of South Ethiopia consists of tribal and tribal groups with very different lifestyles. ‘Haro’, ‘Murzi’ and ‘Hamar’ are the main characters. We went straight to their marketplace. When we arrived, it was a surprise to us. Women who are not concealed. It’s been around for a long time. Moti took me with me and went to their homes.

They took us in with a smile of laughter, laughter, and awe-inspiring face. We have seen their lives for a long time. The cobra was describing their lifestyle and history. Any home will give you their favourite alcohol, “Tej”. Dark yellow coloured almonds looked like some kind of drug. A home-made pavilion with a mixture made of grass, bamboo and ground. I took some pictures. Seeing a completely different people from our lives, knowing their life seems like a dream. In the distant parts of the earth, the lives of many of us will be waiting for us anonymously. It is not enough for a life to know all these enormous diversity that we have prepared for ourselves.

Omo River

That night we returned to tents built on the banks of the Omo River. All night, the kudukunnu stopped talking about them. Until the next evening, they are going to go to their homes, they are the ones who are full of hearts. How lovely they accepted us.

That evening, we danced to the place where we were looking at our special place for us. Singing. One night I never missed in my life. Some of them come to us with great fear and inspiration. Some touch. There’s a lot of people still aware of the Internet, computer, mobile phone, school and even in a world that has so far developed. Vampires of human love are on the faces of hunger! That night I was not sleeping. An experience that has not existed in life yet. Each trip gives us unusual and rare experiences. We had been with them for four days. My friend, Bekhi Farhad, who came from a rival for business purpose, joined me.

Dorsey Village

We got a day before the job returned. We went to the Dorsey Village, adjacent to the high mountains of Ethiopia. After we have been through several areas of wonder and we arrived at Dorsey, the mountain ranges of ice covered the memories of our Munnar. Dorsey huts were of great interest. Very little huts. The inside is a vast house that has a flat, one-side fibre collar and an outer kitchen. Propagated bananas spread over the house around. Weaving shops wearing traditional clothes, cattle market. This is a place where we can see that the earth is different. Our life to know the infinite diversity prepared for it, the camera captured images are full of mind say goodbye to a lot.

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