Best Handpicked Onam Pookalam Designs 2017

Best Handpicked Onam Pookalam Designs 2017

Happy Onam. Here are the best Pookalam designs, Pookalam is one of the most significate parts of Onam. The traditional ritual of laying pookkalam (floral carpet) starts on Atham day. The pookkalam on this day is called Athapoo, and it is relatively small in size. The size of the pookkalam grows in size progressively with each day of the Onam festival. Only yellow flowers will be used on Atham with only one circular layer made and the design is kept simple. Statues or figurines of Mahabali and Vamana are also installed at the entrance of each house on this day.

Tips For Making Onam Pookalam

  • Make it round.
  • Bigger the better.
  • Include “Thumba Poo”.
  • Include “Mukkutti Poo”.
  • Select flowers with colour that get along.


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Best Pookalam Designs for Onam

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